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Creative Yoga ...

brings wonderful and vibrant vital energy, health and well-being!

Originating mostly from Kriya Yoga, Qi Gong, Feldenkrais and the Alexander Technique, Creative Yoga integrates the focus on the individual becoming more centred through conscious control, with a more playful gentle approach.


This results in a technique that is simple and easy to practise, yet has great depth, working primarily on the mind through the body, offering great benefits to both as well as spirit.

Creative yoga & energy healing workshops

Just some of the benefits of Creative Yoga …

  • Harmonise body, mind and breath

  • A feeling of calm and relief

  • Connection to yourself

  • Balance of energy

  • Strong sense of well-being, clarity and connection to the Universe

  • Increased energy and work capacity

  • Increased awareness of posture and body use in daily life

  • Improved blood (oxygen) circulation and body functioning (digestion and elimination)

  • Stress and anxiety release

  • Greater awareness of destructive behaviour patterns - how to process and move past them

Creative Yoga honours the tradition and sacredness of Yoga

Each class begins with pummelling the energy meridians and ends with a chakra balance and body relaxation meditation.

We use meditational hand positions drawn from Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the Art of releasing tensions and Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called 'energy healing'.


 Are you ready to manifest vibrant energy. 


Creative Yoga & Energy Healing 

Stress and Anxiety Release Yoga/Meditation Classes





 Yoga Classes 


Free for Gym Members



Anytime Fitness

Moggill Village

3366 Moggill Rd, Moggill 

Want to try it out???

First class for free

email or call me to arrange that experience  for you


Enquiries please call 

Vanessa 0493 132 693


Come along and enjoy some stress & anxiety release!!




Classes Include

* Stress and Anxiety Release

* Dynamic and static postures

* Gentle, flowing movements

* Emotional Freedom Technique and         Qi Gong included

* Choice of more challenging                     movements for advanced students

* Modified postures for those who need

* Breathing techniques 

* Meditation & chakra balance

* Fun, loving and relaxed atmosphere


Come along and Enjoy

 Bring your yoga mat, towel, shawl or cover for meditation 


Any enquiries please email: 

or call # 0493 132 693 

Business hours: 9am-5pm Australian Eastern Time, Monday - Friday

Looking forward to hearing from You xx

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