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Do You need Emotional Healing?

Looking for relief & results!!

Are You Ready to

get off the Trauma Train Right       now?




It's your decision     

Make the change today!! 

Call me Now 0493 132693


Are you ...

  • STRUGGLING with life?



  • so upset you CAN’T MOVE FORWARD?

  • putting yourself ON HOLD?

  • unable to get past the BLOCKAGES and LIMITATIONS?

Do you ...


  • have little or NO ENERGY to keep going, but you have to?

  • have TROUBLE SLEEPING because you can’t stop thinking about all the STRESS and everything you have to do?

  • have TROUBLE JUGGLING ALL YOUR COMMITMENTS – work, kids, partner, plus the pets?

  • just WORK with NO PLAY and don’t know where to start to get back on track?

Have you ...

  • had someone you loved dearly, pass and you are experiencing UNBEARABLE GRIEF?


  • been experiencing MONEY PROBLEMS and it’s placing enormous stress on you?

  • felt like you are READY TO GIVE UP or BREAKDOWN from it all!

Just imagine ...

being able to STOP thinking about or living that trauma over and over again, reliving all those things that hurt so badly you feel like you can’t go on?

Just imagine ...  feeling relief and to finally be able to move beyond the pain to freedom!

Are You committed to making some changes?

being able to STOP  feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed 


Just imagine ...  relaxing your nervous system, enjoying feeling positive and excited about each day, to smile again and feel like your life is exactly where you want it to be, right now!

Are You ready to free yourself from emotional trauma and pain?

being able to STOP dragging your heart along the ground just waiting for some joy to come save you?


Just imagine ...  moving past all the hurt and pain to a more fulfilled joyful and successful life!

Are You ready to start Thriving instead of just surviving?

Just imagine ...

what it would be like to feel calm, confident and happy to face your challenges, knowing you have the skills needed to process issues brilliantly as they come up!

Are you looking for ...

  • relief at last from the thought patterning that has plagued You all your life! That is stopping You from experiencing Joy in your life

  • a way to keep going, even though you want to quit!!!

  • support and innerstanding

  • a way to heal your emotional crisis and move forward with a happy lifeself-help

  • skills to maintain a balanced, happy lifestyle

  • a natural way to feel good - no meds!

  • a way to feel alive again and excited about your life

Let me help you ...

  • release Truama, Pain, Stress, & Anxiety 

  • emotionally Heal 

  • move beyond blockages and limitations that are holding you back! 

  • to show up as a magnetic match, in alignment with what you desire


  • to turn your situation around for the better!

  • start living the best version of you


Welcome to

The Energy Healing Space!

Hi I am Vanessa Parker

Ancestral Trauma Specialist

Are You  ready to jump timelines?

Are You ready to reconnect with your authentic self?

I now work exclusively with a small group of selected clients who are dedicated to making real changes to their Lives.

I currently have an opening for 4 new clients this season. If you feel you are ready to make a commitment to healing Your emotional trauma, to come into alignment with a happy healthy life then Let's Talk !

Make an appoinment with me now to discuss your needs and see if we are a match for you to start experiencing how You can move through and beyond the emotional trauma and pain which is holding you back

MAKE TODAY the beginning of your shift to a HAPPIER and HEALTHY YOU!  

The Energy Healing Space

Helping You to move beyond Ancestral Thought Patterning
Online Emotional Freedom Technique / EFT Tapping

Creative Yoga & Energy Healing Workshops Reconnecting to You 

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